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This page displays articles I wrote published by The Sun Chronicle newspaper in Attleboro, Mass. during my summer internship from June to August 2008.

There is also an article published in January 2009, when I worked for the newspaper as a freelance writer.

The online version of each story from www.thesunchronicle.com is compiled in an Adobe PDF portfolio file. The articles are in order starting with the most recent story I wrote to the first story I wrote.

The Adobe portfolio style format offers a preview of each article which can be enlarged when double-clicked. The entire portfolio is searchable and all or any individual article can also be accessed in list view, downloaded, printed and e-mailed.

The publication dates may be out of order since some stories were held for photos, timing, etc.


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If the embedded PDF portfolio file below loads slowly, it can be downloaded by right clicking here and selecting "Save link as."



  • The "Riding the spring heat wave" (3.5) article was a contribution to a story written by staff writer Stephen Peterson. My name is not in the byline, but appears at the bottom.
  • The "Preparation is key for storms" (27) article was part of a separate issue not posted online, but the text is available in a Word file.